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After the storm




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Maryland is in a state of emergency, with over two feet of snow in Baltimore and three feet elsewhere; and the snow is still coming down, hard and fast. No public transportation is operating. Only single lanes of major roads are open. Most roads are deep in snow. Already early this morning, 150,000 plus customers were without electricity.

Here at Charlestown, many staffers spent the night and will be here again tonight. Others managed to get here somehow, but of course many could not. There was a memorial service this morning. The minister, the soloist, family members, and friends could not get here. Fortunately, the organist is the daughter of a resident and she is spending the weekend in her mother’s apartment.

It’s a dangerous, disastrous storm. At the same time, it is magnificently beautiful. I shot lots of pictures, walking through our whole community indoors.

At the top of this blog is a photograph I took from my window. Here’s the same view today. You can barely see the trees because of heavily falling snow, and that’s snow piled up outside my window.


Our windows as seen from the building opposite. Our windows are the two at the top with the snow-covered awnings beneath them.


More views of our campus in snow.


IMG_0510 IMG_0517


Parking lot


An entrance walkway.


The stream that meanders through our woods.


The covered bridge that spans the stream.



Our courtyard with the Aquatic Center where I swim every morning.



IMG_0532 IMG_0531

Our lake and the Baltimore Harbor skyline that we see on clear days and nights.


Truly awesome beauty. Truly awful event for many.

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After I had couched the copper braid over all the outlines, I forgot to photograph the jacket. Putting the white guide line stitches in (over the tissue paper, as I’ve described) was tedious, but taking them out was a real pain. By the way, after I’d couched five more Ss, I’d become more skilled. This means that I had to remove the first couched S and replace it with a better version.

Here, as you can see, I’ve already begun to fill in the S shapes. The silk ribbon feather stitching will virtually disappear as I add other stitches and beads.

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