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When I last wrote about this project, I had just finished embellishing the seams on what would be the front of the bag. That was on May 24th! Good heavens! Much has happened since then, including lots of time with family; but when I could, I was “still stitching” on Tangie’s bag. Now it’s just about finished.

Step-by-step: after I had embellished what would become the back and the flap, I decided to add beads and sequins to the patches which I had used with some on them.

You can see the need for them here.

More needed

Having used all the beads and sequins I had harvested from the patches I’d cut,

All gone

I had to go back for more. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to get those tiny bits off the fabric and the threads removed from them.

The patches filled with more beads-on-sequins, I was ready to remove the work from the frames and stitch the front and back together.

Seams finished

Then I lined the bag and the flap and made a shoulder strap. I have not yet attached one end of the strap because I want the length to suit Tangie.

Flap liningLining

And here’s the finished (almost finished) bag.

Finished front

Closer look

Here’s the back and bottom.

Back and bottom

And the button that doesn’t really close the bag. There’s Velcro inside.


I found this button when I was shopping for beads and a button for my black jacket. Works perfectly here.

Here’s what’s left of Tangie’s top, from the front, the back, and one sleeve.


And here is Tangie herself, having just adjusted the shoulder strap to the right length. I’ll stitch that tonight and she shall have it to take to Atlantic City this weekend.

(I’ll be  in New Jersey myself, this weekend.)



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My pizza

Since Ernie moved to RGT, I have not been motivated to prepare good dinners for myself. While he was with me, I did a lot creatively to enhance the food we get carry-out from our dining room. I have lots of ingredients on hand and always some frozen vegetables and other foods, as well as some fresh produce. But with Ernie gone, I’ve just been eating what comes from carry-out, right out of the box. Often it is very unpalatable and I throw away some of it. But I’ve also been throwing away produce that has gone bad in the refrigerator.

Recently I decided to make a real effort to feed myself better. Last week I made a big pot of thick vegetable soup with some tiny pasta, a little bigger than couscous and I froze it in single portions. The same day I made kedgeree–a fish-and-rice dish, using canned mackerel that’s been in the cabinet for who knows how many years and I froze individual portions of that. I also hard-boiled some eggs

The next day I pressure-cooked a pound of pinto beans, spread them on a tray and froze and packaged them, so I can use handfuls at a time.

One evening I thawed a portion of the soup, flaked the baked fish from carry-out, and added it with Old Bay seasoning to the soup. With it I had open-face melted Swiss cheese on Atwater’s excellent Country Peasant whole wheat bread. A very good meal.

Today I made myself a pizza, starting with a Boboli thin crust. Early in the afternoon I broiled thin slices of eggplant and zucchini and slightly microwaved thinly sliced onion and peppers. When I got back from being with Ernie at his place, I built my pizza on the peal.  First I put 8 oz. of shredded Mozzarella cheese all over the crust, then the broiled eggplant.

Next came the onions and zucchini.

On top of that, the peppers and mushrooms. I used canned mushrooms because I’ve trashed so many fresh mushrooms that went bad, unused.

Finally, black olives and Parmesan cheese, grated at home.

Right out of the oven:

I ate half of it and froze the rest as two quarters.

Another satisfying meal. The carry-out dinner is in the refrigerator, in case I get an inspiration for how to use it in a way I will enjoy.

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Graduation day

Today grandson Josh graduated from McDonogh School and I was there. To son Michael and DIL Carolyn I said, “Well done.”

Older brother Matt was there to raise him up in celebration:

Cousin Rachel has been with them since I picked her up at the airport, arriving from Colorado, on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we’ll be partying. On Monday, I get time with Rachel before taking her back to the airport.

My cup runneth over.

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This morning I was on the water at 6:15. It was hazy, so there was no brilliant sunrise, but the haze dissipated while I was out. Since I don’t yet have a dry bag for my camera and I’m afraid to take my cell phone even in a water-tight container, I haven’t gotten any shots from the kayak. But here it is, in the launcher after I returned at 7:10.

It’s the smallest one, and today it was on the uppermost rack. I had to wait until I saw a man at his truck a little way off. I asked his help and he easily lifted it and placed it on the deck.

Here am I, still wearing the PFD, with my whistle and car key attached to my pants.

It was already 77 degrees hot when I arrived, and there was only the barest little occasional breeze. The water was still.

That white boat is actually derelict and ugly up close.

I paddled across to the hospital on the opposite shore and around to the other side of the hospital before heading back.

You can see some residual haziness in this direction.

Back to the Hanover Street bridge, an old drawbridge.

Home by 8:00, after taking these pictures and filling my gas tank.

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Lots of family

Son Geoff left on Monday and the next Saturday daughter Patti and her family came from New Jersey and Philadelphia for their first visit with Ernie at RGT. It just so happened that Charlestown’s employee flea  market was being held that day, so they arrived early to shop.



With several bags full, we headed for RGT, where Ernie was waiting for us. There were eight of us in his studio, so it was crowded.


Aly and Lilly were very gracious with Ernie and patient as the adults chatted. Here Patrick is showing Ernie some of his bird photographs. Ernie was a bird photographer, too. When he saw Melissa, he said, “Why don’t you go blonde?”

Ernie with grand- and great-grandchildren

I can’t find any other way to show this picture: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2012896573056&set=a.2012896053043.2120318.1563047063&type=1&theater

Patrick got to introduce his fiancée Juliet to Granddad.

And here we all are—four generations: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2012896293049& set=a.2012896053043.2120318.1563047063&type=1&theater

Juliet took the picture. That’s why she’s missing.

After that, we went to eat crabs, hosted by Patti’s partner Al.


Today I’ll be picking up granddaughter Rachel who is flying in from Colorado for grandson Josh’s graduation, and on Saturday our family will gather to celebrate.

So I’m getting lots of family time.

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