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For over a dozen years, I have been buying clothes from Marketplace India a woman-owned catalog business selling clothes made and hand-embroidered by village women in India. You can see me in one of their outfits, dressed for my birthday celebration.

The company trains poor village women in the skills required to make the clothes. Thus, they can earn income that makes them self-sufficient, enables them to pay for schooling for their children, and helps prevent domestic violence, as their husbands have more respect for them. Take a look at their online site (See above.) The clothes are unique and beautiful. Mostly cotton, and very comfortable to wear. And with pockets in almost everything!

Now I’ve met a woman through Stitchin Fingers who does Indian embroidery as wearable art. Since I want to embellish a jacket for myself, I expect to find useful ideas at her site. Do go see Chitra Gangadharan’s blog and her beautiful stitching on clothing.


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Hear ye! Hear ye! In case you haven’t already discovered it, Sharon Boggon has done it again. She has initiated yet another venue bringing together people who are interested in and/or making things with textiles and fibers and anything else that can be combined with textiles and fibers. You can visit and join this social network at Stitchin Fingers.

Already several special interest groups have been established and hundreds of members from around the world have joined.

Dear Readers, I hark back to William Blake. (I hope some of you have been interested enough to read my essay on why Blake is so important to me.) One of his mythological characters, Enitharmon, is a woman who weaves the fibers that produce the material world. (Sounds like quantum physics to me.) Her partner, Los, is imagination. Enitharmon gives form to what Los imagines. Together, these are the forces that create the universe we can perceive.

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