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Morning swim

You already know that I swim half a mile at 7:00 a.m. six days a week. Today I asked our pool attendant to record me swimming. Even though I have edited the videos from about 15 minutes to a few seconds and a couple of minutes, no one but my husband will want to watch minutes of me swimming laps. If you just want a peek, here we go.

This video shows some close-up shots. You may notice that on the return, I do not breathe with every stroke. In fact, I can swim the length of the pool on one breath, and that’s how I start. I’m not fast, but my form is good and I can swim forever. Endurance, not speed, is my strength.

Most mornings two men swim at the same time I do. Here I am greeting one of them.

When I first tried to swim as fast as the other man (Good Neighbor), I couldn’t. In a little while I could keep up with him for one length of the pool. After many weeks, I could swim at his speed for three laps. Now I’m swimming faster than he does. Has he slowed down, perhaps? In the next video you can see him in the foreground, well ahead of me. By the end of the video,I had come even with him and after Darrell had stopped recording, I was well ahead.

I stopped to tell Darrell that we would see how good an artist he is.

And I thanked him.

Our pool is beautifully located. I can see it from my window. With skylights above and glass doors on three sides, it’s almost like swimming in the open. Not like swimming in a lake, though!

Thanks again to the videographer. It’s always a pleasure to have Darrell on duty.

When I said to Darrell one day, I being the only person in the pool, that watching me swim laps must be boring, he replied, “Not at all. I’ve watched Michael Phelps swim laps.” In person, here in Baltimore, where he trains.



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