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As I wait for delivery of the gold supplies I’ve ordered, I’ve been using materials at hand to try stitching the gold S correctly on a practice cloth. First, I used gold sadi. This purl is slightly larger than the gilt purl I plan to use.

This is better, but still not good enough. I haven’t yet worked out how to finish the ends. I wish I could show you how springy this metal thread is. It won’t lie straight so cutting equal lengths is, well, FRUSTRATING.

Next I tried stitching it with rough (matte) purl in the same size I want to use for the finished piece–very fine. It is even springier than sadi. Although threading purls on the needle is fiddly and slow, stitching them is no problem; it is cutting pieces the right length that is the challenge.

You can see that the lengths of purl are not all the right length and I still haven’t found the right way to stitch the ends.

I’ve been considering other materials, rather than gold purls, for stitching this S; but I really would like to get the effect of the real purls over padding. I don’t know whether I will succeed. Here’s how these two efforts look side-by-side. Better, but not good enough. Five hours of work.

I’ve also redesigned the S, as another possibility. When the new supplies arrive, I may know what I want to try with them.

As I’m writing, I’ve been hearing voices from our courtyard. Unable to resist my curiosity, I got up to take a look at what was going on. It’s the Mini-triathlon! Residents and staff have teamed up to compete in walking, swimming, and stationary biking. The swimming event is going on just below our windows in the Aquatic Center.

A loudspeaker and lots of cheering going on.

If you click on the image, you may be able to see that there are spectators around the pool, and on the patio a table is set with treats and perhaps trophies? Can’t tell from here.

It’s a windy day and the tablecloth is flapping. And lots of cheering.

Every day this week there have been special events celebrating Charlestown’s 25th anniversary. On Friday evening there was big-band dancing and entertainment under a tent, followed by fireworks. Spectacular, I’ve heard. (See, Jenna, we can do it, too.)

I enjoy living in such a lively, active community, even though I can’t participate.


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