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Having finally finished the gold purl S (22 hours), I’m now working on the satin stitching of the flowers of the motif. I’m working with Chinese Eterna 12-ply stranded silk floss. Can you see how fine the silk is in this shot of it with a strand of DMC cotton floss above it?

Here is the first flower in process. What you see mainly is the cotton padding. I had just begun to cover it with silk.

I’m using three strands of silk in the needle for satin stitching over the padding, which is two strands of DMC cotton floss. To keep the threads separated so that they will lie smoothly, I’m using a Japanese laying tool, the tekobari.

After I bring the thread up from the underside, I smooth it with the tekobari, separating and aligning the strands.

Holding the thread with the tekobari, I insert the needle over the padding stitches.

As I slowly pull the thread through the fabric, I guide it with the tekobari. Here the needle is under the fabric.

You can see that the thread is held by the tekobari until it is completely laid in place. I’m doing it this way to achieve the effect of Japanese flat silk–a smooth finish with no separate strands visible.

I’m sorry the shots are so fuzzy. My husband was trying to get as close to the work as he could. Folks, THIS is slow cloth!

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